Farming On The Oaks

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What's There

The lower reaches of the 680 hectares, from the river heading towards the mountain, is farmed mainly with cattle and fruit, apples & pears being the bearing commodity. An abundance of flora and fauna exists in and amongst the controlled environment creating a completely natural setting.

Approximately 1,500 young weaner cattle are kept on irrigated pastures and planted fields. A little closer to Ranching, making for a truly aesthetic South African experience.


These cattle are fattened to produce premium grade beef for the South African market. Different varieties of pears and apples are grown in the 60 ha of orchards with the bulk of the fruit being exported to Europe. Harvest time is between February and April.

Another beautiful time to visit the farm is in spring when the orchards are in bloom. The farm also has a small vineyard for boutique wine production. Horses and other farm animals are kept around the farmyard.



Flora And Fauna

Numerous examples of proteas and other fynbos can be found in this area. A natural indigenous yellow wood forest is hidden in one of the gorges higher up on the mountain. The forest is accessible only by foot but rewards with a ‘rain forest’ and pristine mountain stream. An indigenous Nguni cattle breeding herd and some indigenous game roam are found in the reserve.

The Valley

A visit to the waterfall is a must for all visitors to the farm. The mountain road leads to a great view point of the Overberg. From here it is only a short walk down into the valley and up the stream through the yellow wood forest to the waterfall.